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Family Owned & Operated
A. Cheese Burrito-7.99
Bean taco with fried beans and Spanish rice.

B. Vegeterian 7.99
One burrito, one cheese enchilada and one
cheese quesadilla.

C. Cheese Burrito 7.99
One tostada and fried beans

D. Quesadilla 6.99
A flour tortilla stuffed with fried beans,
Cheese andmushrooms. Served with lettuce,
tomatoes, sourcream and guacamole.

E. Quesadilla Panchita 7.99
One flour tortilla stuffed with grilled
mushrooms, zucchini,bell peppers, onions
and cheese. Served with lettuce,tomatoes
and guacamole.

F. Vegeterian Fajitas 8.99
Bell peppers, onions, mushrooms and
tomatoes.  Served with fried beans, Spanish
rice, lettuce, sourcream, guacamole,
zucchini and two tortillas.
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